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A different perspective.

Since I was young, I've always tried to think outside the box. It's a value that was encouraged by my parents, who always tried to make me see the bigger picture in all things. When I was six, we spent a year exploring the U.S. and Canada in a truck and travel trailer. 28 states and 9 provinces later, I had a new perspective on the world around me - it was a formative experience.

The value of perspective is something that I continue to hold dear to this day, and it's a central tenet in all that I do. Whether it be a film project, a concert, or a work of art, I'm always trying to think about how to do things differently.


Official Bio

An award-winning filmmaker, musician, and multimedia artist, Andrew Coll looks for ways to incorporate his various passions into all his work. A graduate of Dalhousie University in classical piano performance, he has performed as soloist with orchestras and theatre companies, and his large-scale multimedia works have been seen by thousands. His recent short film Duet is a current national finalist on CBC Television's primetime Short Film Faceoff competition. He currently resides in Halifax, NS.