It’s more than a living.

In addition to my own artistic projects, I love to bring my passion and creativity to work for hire, as a videographer, editor and director for clients. Here are few recent projects I’ve done:



(Client: Jérôme Blais)

Exploring themes of movement and migration, this French-language multimedia concert is the brainchild of ECMA-nominated composer Jérôme Blais and legendary Canadian soprano Suzie LeBlanc. I was asked to create two pieces: a short music video-style promo featuring one of the songs from the show, and a traditional interview-style short documentary. English and French deliverables were provided for all content. The music video has been widely used in promoting mouvance as it tours the world, and has been seen thousands of times, resulting in sold-out performances.

“Oral History”

Client: Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

I’m pleased to have worked on several projects for the museum, but this one is one of my favourites: the museum was looking for a video to showcase their BMO Oral History Gallery, where visitors can view some of the hundreds of recorded oral history interviews with immigrants and refugees who now call Canada home. Working with a mix of new content and existing oral history interview clips pre-selected by the museum, the film takes viewers on an emotional journey, truly underscoring the importance of preserving this unique part of Canada’s story.

“Nacido del Fuego” Music Video


Guitarist Roland Smith has grand ambitions. As part of his journey to the next phase of his career, he wanted a music video, and approached me. He had a strong idea of the concept already in his mind, and definite ideas of how the end result should look and feel. I worked to deliver on his expectations, shooting the video with the help of Tim Mombourquette, and editing the video with Roland providing feedback every step of the way. The end result is flamboyant, and very uniquely Roland.