Directing on the set of  Duet . Photo by Jake Ivany.

Directing on the set of Duet. Photo by Jake Ivany.

Duet - Director's Notes

It was during my time at university that I was first asked to be a page turner. One concert became many, and from these experiences the roots of a film idea began to take hold. The page turner is a crucial yet invisible element of many classical piano concerts; they hold the power to make or break a pianist’s performance. One mistimed or bungled page turn and a piece could come to a crashing halt. And not just anyone can do it; page-turners must be able to read music at the highest level. For many piano students, page-turning is a rite of passage which frays nerves but offers an immense reward: the opportunity to sit beside the best pianists and absorb aspects of their performance that can’t be seen from farther away.

Duet is inspired by those stress-filled experiences and many other fleeting moments, both happy and sad, that I witnessed during my degree. It’s a story of the highs and lows of mentorship, and the insecurities with which any artist can relate. I hope you enjoy.

-Andrew Coll